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  • We sat down with ENODA’s Founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer, Andrew Scobie, to begin a new series looking at the big topics of the energy transition. From the fundamental physics, through ...
  • Enoda PRIME® Exchanger and Enoda ENSEMBLE™ form part of an integrated solution to increase grid capacity for volatile renewable generation, and provide system balancing from within the grid, at the lo ...
  • The Enoda PRIME® Exchanger: a bidirectional, active power flow device, which delivers a clean electrical signal by dynamically modulating voltage, frequency, phase, power factor and noise removal. Eno ...
  • Interviews with lead engineers at Edinburgh based ENODA
  • A project coordinated by OpenNebula Systems and funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.
  • SYNERGIES is a 42-months Innovation project funded by the EU within the Horizon Europe programme. In the current profound transition of energy economy from a centralised, fossil-fuel-based system to a ...

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