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Bi-weekly round-up of what’s hot and happening in the energy sector

Ed’s Note

Energy is a people industry. It’s easy to forget that amid international deals between multinational companies. But it’s an industry that fundamentally affects the lives of people at the most basic, emotional level.

At the end of every piece of multi-million power generation equipment and grid technology is someone reaching for a light switch. And whether those lights come on – and whether that person believes they can afford to pay for those lights to come on – affects their everyday life, their hopes, and their dreams.

Kelvin Ross, Editor-in-Chief

Enlit Europe The Guide 2023 edition

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Round-up of news, articles, interviews and podcasts about the latest developments on EU Projects, brought to you by Enlit Europe & Enlit World

Ed's Note

Despite the adversities (pandemic, Ukraine war, energy prices), the EU Commission not only kept, but raised the goal of the Green Deal. So, the goal is officially a 55% cut in emissions compared to 1990 levels, by 2030. In addition, the EU States agreed upon a 15% cut in gas demand for the winter. 

Horizon Europe and all EU energy projects seem to be the tool to accomplish this goal. And we, at Enlit, working closely with the EU Commission, are excited to give a platform to the projects that accelerate the energy transition.

Areti Ntaradimou, Editor Smart Energy International, Director EU Projects Zone

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