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Is Europe at risk of losing its first-mover advantage?

Enlit's second industry report "Re-energising the Transition" discusses the current stalling of the European energy transition, its threat to Europe’s first-mover advantage, and what the industry needs to do to counter that risk.

Based on insights from industry practitioners given during the exclusive Summit Think Tank at Enlit Europe in Paris, the report includes recommendations to re-ignite Europe’s energy transition, and sustain its first-mover status.

This member-exclusive report can be accessed on Enlit.World:

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Dive into the report and...

⚠️ Discover why Europe is losing its competitive edge
💡 Unveil the strategies to regain momentum 
🔍 Explore why regulators must adopt a crisis mindset 
🙋 Get insights into innovative approaches to re-engage European citizens
🚀 Learn how to leverage innovation to maintain a first-mover advantage 
⚡ Find out how to enhance the security of supply

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The energy transition is a big job, and it needs YOU!

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