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Your voice matters: let it be heard

Enlit is the biggest stage for the energy transition, and YOU can go to Milan to share your story with the sector!

Are you breaking the barriers of the energy transition? 

During Enlit Europe, we want to give voice to energy professionals involved in initiatives or projects addressing these challenges. If you are involved with such initiatives and are interested in sharing your story with energy leaders visiting Enlit Europe, let us know.

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Enlit Europe 2024 speakers

Industry Report

Enlit's second industry report "Re-energising the Transition" is out, based on insights from industry experts given during the exclusive Summit Think Tank at Enlit Europe in Paris. The report discusses the current stalling of the European energy transition, its threat to Europe’s first-mover advantage, and what the industry needs to do to counter that risk.

This member-exclusive report can be accessed on Enlit.World:

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Enlit Europe 2024 industry report banner, the report the report includes recommendations to re-ignite Europe’s energy transition

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