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Keeping you ahead of the energy transition curve

At Enlit, you will get all the information you need - and, we hope, all the inspiration! With a great lineup of captivating keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions, this year's Programme is set to inspire you to take real action in your energy transition journey.

You will hear from expert speakers delivering top-class presentations in Milan, during the Summit, Hub Sessions, EU Projects, and Future Energy Leaders programmes.

Our programme is curated and created with our Impact Circle, starting with the 2024 kick-off meeting that happened in February. Stay tuned - we will share more information about the programme soon!

Enlit Europe 2024 Programme Evolve Stage

Sneak peek into the Hub Sessions programme

Our topic-led and free-to-attend Hub Sessions will cover these topics in 2024:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Power Generation
  • Grid Innovation
  • Digital Tech
  • Energy Democracy
  • Digitalisation
  • and more!

Stay tuned as we will reveal more details about the Programme soon!


Enlit Europe 2024 hub sessions

2023 Edition

Inspiring speakers took the stage in Paris

Enlit Europe 2023 in Paris saw inspiring speakers taking the stage like Marianne Laigneau, Enedis, and Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy

Marianne Laigneau, Chairwoman of the Management Board at Enedis, a visionary leader and instrumental in driving the energy revolution: her unwavering belief in the power of collaboration has fostered transformative projects that are changing lives. She shared valuable insights into utilities' role in the energy transition and Enedis journey.

Greg Jackson, Global Chief Executive Officer at the Octopus Energy Group, a true pioneer in renewable energy, has dedicated his career to shaping a world powered by clean sources. His innovative ideas and unwavering commitment have propelled the industry forward. Greg shared his journey, challenges, and exciting breakthroughs.

Prepare to have your perspectives shifted: to tackle the energy transition from every angle, we invite representatives from the entire energy ecosystem to grab a seat at the table. Here are some of the high-level speakers and visionaries who joined us in Paris for Enlit Europe 2023:


2023 Speaker list

Your perfect 3 days at Enlit

Enlit Europe is a truly end-to-end event, with something available to everyone, from the producers of energy to the end consumer. To make your experience easier and smoother in Milan, we will propose agendas based on topics of interest - stay tuned, these will be released as we uncover the 2024 programme.

While you wait, check out the journeys we proposed in 2023 for our attendees to find relevant content and meet like-minded professionals, including sessions such as:

  • Achieving a Net Zero Industry
  • Agile power plant & grid systems

  • AI & Machine Learning & Robotics

  • Carbon Capture opportunities, methods and applications
  • CyberSecurity and Critical Infrastructure
  • Decarbonising industrial activities
  • Future-Proofing the Grid

  • Gas and Hydrogen Strategies
  • Large and Small scale energy storage technologies
  • Responsible renewable energy

  • SET Plan: Digitalisation and the Green Deal

  • Strategies for Enabling Flexibility

  • Trends & Avant-Garde tech

  • and many more!

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Enlit Europe is a truly end-to-end event, with journeys available to everyone, from the producers of energy to the end consumer and everyone in between

From the stage to the page

What happens in Paris… shapes the future of energy! Enjoy an exclusive collection of articles derived from the captivating presentations and thought-provoking panel discussions that took place in the heart of Paris during Enlit Europe 2023, as well as the fresh insights from the interviews recorded at the Enlit Studio.

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