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Innovators and Innovation are at the heart of Enlit Europe

Enlit has long been a supporter of innovators and disruptors, recognising the vital role start-ups, scale-ups and other entrepreneurs have in helping to accelerate the energy transition by bringing forward new ideas, fresh perspectives and novel solutions.

And part of this support is the importance of creating opportunities for start-ups and other innovative ventures to engage with and share their ideas, perspectives and solutions with the wider energy transition community.

Therefore, Enlit is delighted to be offering innovators and disruptors the opportunity to have a physical presence at Enlit Europe 2023 with two cost-effective options.

Enlit Europe 2023 Innovators Zones

The Innovators Zones - Introduce yourself (option 1)

At Enlit Europe 2023, we will have an Innovators Zone* associated with each of the themed Hubs on the exhibition floor – Decarbonisation, Digitalisation, Decentralisation and Democratisation.

Each Innovators Zone will comprise up to ten Pods which offer innovators a host of opportunities to present themselves and their solution, including:

  • Showcasing their ideas and solution to the Enlit Europe Community
  • Connecting with VCs and venture units of utilities and other corporates
  • Opportunity to be selected to take part in the Four Ds Innovation Festival (afternoon of 29 November)
  • Getting their name out there in the industry via on-site branding

With the combination of having a physical presence at Enlit Europe and the opportunity to be selected to participate in the Four Ds Innovation Festival, taking place on the afternoon of Wednesday, 29 November, this is an exciting way in and up, with minimal investment.

*If selected for an Innovators Zone, there is a nominal fee of €750 (excluding VAT).

Submission of applications for the 2023 Innovators Zone is OPEN.

Click on the dropdown section below and complete the form. You will then receive a follow-up email with a link to enable you to provide more information on your start-up. Once we receive this information a selection process will be conducted by a panel of innovation experts.

Click here to APPLY

Criteria for the Innovators Zones - click here

  • A launched* product or solution – start-up or from a university
  • Software start-ups can be a maximum of 5 years and hardware start-ups a maximum of 8 years
  • Focus is on Innovation in all areas of Energy-related Cleantech, including Smart Homes, Meters & Grids, Collective and Decentralised Energy, Smart Generation & Renewables, Clean Hydrogen, Energy Reduction and Usage Awareness, and Circular Economy.
  • Has not exhibited at any previous editions of European Utility Week/POWERGEN Europe or Enlit Europe

*For the purposes of the eligibility, “launched” may mean any of the following things:

  • When a discovery is made/when a scientific paper is published/when a patent is approved
  • When a physical device is made tangible (i.e. a prototype)
  • When the applicable regulatory body approves a product/procedure for use
  • When the product is made commercially available
  • When a project or product is publicly released

Companies that qualify for the Innovators Zones include those at the Validation, Efficiency and Scale Stage. We will not be able to accept applications for those in the Sustain Stage. Please see below the definitions of all of these stages.

Validation Stage:

  • Companies typically up to 2 years old
  • There is just 1 office
  • < 10 employees
  • 1 product
  • 1-2 clients
  • Not yet generating revenue
  • Early-stage company relative to competitors

Efficiency Stage:

  • Companies typically 3-5 years old
  • There is usually 1 office
  • 11-24 employees
  • 2 products or more
  • 2-9 clients
  • Generating revenue but not yet profitable
  • Small operator relative to competitors

Scale Stage:

  • Companies typically 6-10 years old
  • There are 1-2 offices
  • 25-99 employees
  • 3 products or more
  • 10-39 clients
  • Breaking even
  • Mid-size operator relative to competitors

Companies that are at the Sustain Stage are not eligible to join the Innovators Zones. The Sustain Stage is defined as:

  • Companies typically 10+ years old
  • There are offices in multiple cities
  • 100-500 employees
  • 4+ products or more
  • 40+ clients
  • Profitable year on year
  • Large operator relative to competitors

Innovator & Disruptor Package - Raise your profile (option 2)

For innovative ventures that are scaling and want to take it to the next level in raising their profile in the industry or have exhibited previously as part of Enlit’s former Initiate Programme, or any start-ups who are thinking beyond an Innovators Zones Pod, this package offers plenty of opportunities to showcase your venture and solution.

For more information on what the package comprises and pricing, please contact our Enlit Team at

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