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Elad Shaviv

Elad Shaviv

Head of the Business Development Division, Israel Electric Corporation

As the Head of Business Development at the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), Elad Shaviv oversees the company's efforts in both global and local business diversification. One of Mr. Shaviv's main areas of focus is the development of new service offerings aimed at supporting power utilities in their transition to "utility of the future" operations. With a wealth of experience in billion-dollar organizations and launching growth companies in the Cyber and Smart Utilities industries, Mr. Shaviv is a seasoned business leader. He is involved in various global research projects related to urban, distributed, and smart energy and serves on the board of CyberGym, a critical infrastructure security company. Additionally, he is a steering committee member for a number of global energy initiatives. Mr. Shaviv is also a frequent and highly regarded speaker at energy and innovation conferences worldwide, recognized as a thought leader in the industry.


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