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Smart Integrations Magazine

Smart Integrations Magazine

SMART INTEGRATIONS MAG is the professional magazine for the digital world in the fields of Safety/Security, Audio/Video, Smart Home and Smart Building (lighting, BMS, networks, etc.). Why such a transversal editorial line?

Quite simply because it is becoming less and less possible to consider these universes independently of each other. If we consider a sector that is dear to you, that of lighting, we note that its recent revolution began with the desire to replace traditional incandescent bulbs with much less energy-consuming and more efficient LEDs. Moreover, it is the main driver for the growth of bus-based lighting controls and their convergence with computer networks. Its ubiquitous nature also makes it the ideal platform for establishing the Internet of Things in buildings. Be convinced, if you are not yet, convergence and integration of systems will not stop there! Already, lighting is making its way into energy transition, to broader eco-systems that integrate, administer and control safety/security, audio/video, multimedia, network... The generalized integration of systems is underway and SMART INTEGRATIONS MAG is here to help. anticipate, decipher it, explain it with a business and channel approach. At your disposal: a “paper” magazine, a website, a weekly newsletter, a YouTube Channel for your videos.

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