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triPica is the next-generation subscription and billing platform that enables telcos and utilities to reinvent their business models, allowing them to deliver a fully personalized user journey while maximizing resource efficiency.

The "age of abundance" is over: in this competitive and complex environment, triPica helps telcos and utilities maximize customer value and social impact.

triPica's quick-to-deploy subscription and billing offer has redefined user experience standards for telcos and utilities, optimizing the subscription and billing user journey.

An agent of change for its clients, triPica's vision is to use technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to promote a more responsible use of resources.

Based in Paris since 2016, triPica stands as a trusted global ally for both telecom and utilities, powering disruptive ventures, bringing its customers on a fast ride into the future!

Meet triPica at Enlit: https://www.tripica.com/event-enlit

About Our Success Stories

With triPica, utilities are not just adapting to the future; they are defining it, as the future of utilities belongs to those who dare to lead.

One of the utility leaders in Germany, Enercity, leapfrogged the competition with innovative offers delivered through a state-of-the-art digital sales platform, while seamlessly migrating hundreds of thousands of their SAP customers onto the triPica platform, solidifying our reputation as industry pioneers.

Today, triPica is surging ahead in the German market with two more industry-leading references.

In France, we proudly count three others among our satisfied clients. Our platform's flexibility is a key asset, accommodating the entire spectrum of innovative business models arising from the utilities transformation—think solar panels, dynamic tariffs, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) integration, and beyond.

What can you expect when you join the triPica revolution?

Astounding results. Energy suppliers who embrace triPica can anticipate up to a 50% reduction in cost-to-acquire, while simultaneously boosting acquisition rates.

Churn rates can be slashed by a staggering 67%, fostering unbreakable customer loyalty. And that's not all—our platform has the potential to cut cost-to-serve by up to 60%, paving the way for enhanced profitability.

Finally, we can launch your utilities digital "meter-to-cash" greenfield solution in France and Germany in just 4 months! No more IT legacy headache, embrace speed and agility with triPica.

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