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Stand: 7.3.D110
    Type of Organisation :
  • Software Provider
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  • Grid Infrastructures - Electricity
  • Digitalisation

SMPnet is a trusted leader in advanced power grid management solutions driven by our state-of-the-art Omega technology. Our comprehensive system integrates with existing technologies, empowering utilities and energy service companies to efficiently control and optimise power grids. With a strong focus on enhancing network capacity, integrating renewable energy sources, and reducing operational costs, we are revolutionising how power grids are managed. Our advanced solutions enable effective and sustainable asset management, shaping the future of energy distribution. Join us as we spearhead the path towards a more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent energy landscape.

At SMPnet, we aim to catalyse the global energy transition and digitalisation of power grids. We are dedicated to empowering utility companies worldwide to achieve their net-zero targets by providing advanced software applications. Our solutions enable utilities to reduce operational costs significantly, integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly, and enhance network capacity. By leveraging advanced analytics, adaptive optimisation, and real-time control capabilities, we empower utilities to transform their operations and drive sustainable change for a greener future.

Our vision is to lead the way as the premier organisation supporting utility companies in advanced power grid management. We aspire to be the trusted partner for utility companies with specific digitisation and net-zero goals. Through our cutting-edge software application, we aim to provide utilities with unparalleled analytics, adaptive optimisation, and real-time control of power grid assets. By collaborating closely with utilities, we strive to shape a future where sustainable energy integration and efficient power grid management are seamlessly achieved, revolutionising the industry and fostering a more sustainable planet.

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