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Smart Energy Lab

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  • Association/ NGO / Not for Profit
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  • Grid Infrastructures - Electricity
  • Storage
  • Decarbonisation of Transport

Smart Energy LAB is a factory for developing any new product, service, or process that accelerates the business of companies offering New Energy Downstream solutions.

We do it by combining three levers of acceleration of the end-user energy transition - Client adoption, Transactional cost reduction and Technology adaptation for delivery - and boosting a highly qualified team with competencies in Business, Customer Experience and Technology.

Together with our stakeholders from industry and academia, we accelerate energy transition through a unique combination of science, technology, and access to market expertise. Smart Energy Lab has been investing and solving problems for energy companies in three focus areas: EV charging, EMS to implement complex use cases and flexibility offerings.

One example of what makes us proud of our work is EDGE, our new product offer for EV charging in residential buildings.
EDGE is a smart hardware solution powered by a versatile cloud platform that i) unlocks new business options for EV charging providers and ii) enables the acceleration of sales and installation process by solving the main operational blockers for a fast rollout.

It brings a unique solution that speeds the business of energy service companies and Energy Transition of the end-user. EV charging is mandatory for Energy Transition objectives, and the segment of residential buildings will play a role of acceleration because it creates group adoption scale effect. Smart Energy Lab solved the main challenges of charging in residential buildings, particularly accelerating client adoption and reducing transactional costs and time to deliver, applying deep Customer Experience research and performing end-to-end Technology redesign.

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