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Secure is a multi-national corporation committed to providing revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency to its customers and communities, enabling them to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitate comfortable living. Since delivering India's first commercially viable energy meter in 1987, we have come a long way - employing 6500 people worldwide, with offices in Australia, Bangladesh, India, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and the United Kingdom. Our products are deployed in more than 60 countries with the highest data security and customer service standards.

The way we do things defines our culture at work. Our core belief that business must endure for generations has driven us to develop a strong culture of innovation and foresightedness, combined with a tenacious focus on customer relationships. This belief has created the foundation of our products and services. Secure has sold more than half a billion meters worldwide, including eight million pre-payment meters.

Today, we are more than a metering company and have expanded our expertise across the entire energy supply chain - from electricity, gas, water, and heat generation to their final consumption, adding value at every point. With a diverse portfolio of solutions and services, we also cater to metering, billing and collection for electricity and gas, monitoring pump efficiency, water Esco, heating and cooling controls, older care and many more services.

To improve the quality of our products and enhance customer experience, we have adopted manufacturing practices that focus on reducing variability across all stages. Our state-of-the-art robust production infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, stringent manufacturing practices like the Shanin technique, zero-defect production line, 30-minute smart meter installation and many other practices have all improved our product quality and reliability.

Since the beginning, we have focused on improving reliability, design integrity, and establishing a robust life prediction methodology. Our commitment to quality is so strong that we have been able to offer a product lifetime warranty on the majority of our products sold in the major markets across Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

Secure, along with its products, also takes pride in its many diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility initiatives. As a business, our goal is to be sustainable, which can only be accomplished by reducing and reusing waste, using sustainable practices that reduce carbon emissions, and conserving and recycling energy. As we progress toward our net-zero goal, our green building design has helped reduce the negative impact on human health and the environment.

'Our simple philosophy that there is a better way of doing things and that a business must endure for generations inspires and motivates us every day to give our best. We believe that even the smallest of our acts will make a massive difference in the end. Even while designing our wide range of products, we try to make environment-conscious decisions because we know what we do today will have an impact on our tomorrow.

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