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Ripple Infra Systems Pvt Ltd

Stand: 6.D64
    Type of Organisation
  • Utility (Transmission / Distribution)
  • Organisation Area of Focus
  • Grid Infrastructures - Electricity
  • Grid Infrastructures - Gas
  • Energy Efficiency

Ripple Smart Meters are instrumental in the advancement and operation of smart cities, facilitating enhanced efficiency and sustainability in managing energy resources. These cutting-edge devices utilize advanced technology to measure and track electricity, gas, or water consumption in both residential and commercial settings. Compared to traditional analog meters, Ripple Smart Meters (Water, Gas, Energy) offer several key advantages, including:

Real-time Monitoring: Providing immediate and continuous insight into energy consumption patterns.
Remote Reading: Enabling the collection of consumption data without the need for manual intervention.
Data Analytics: Leveraging gathered data to analyze usage trends and optimize energy management strategies.
Billing Accuracy: Ensuring precise billing based on actual consumption data rather than estimates.
Upfront Collection: Facilitating upfront payment mechanisms for energy usage, promoting financial transparency.
Integration with Smart Grids: Seamlessly connecting with smart grid infrastructure to enable more efficient energy distribution and utilization.
Remote Disconnect and Reconnect: Allowing for the remote management of energy services, including disconnection and reconnection as needed.

Overall, Ripple Smart Meters play a pivotal role in advancing the capabilities of smart cities by revolutionizing the way energy resources are monitored, managed, and utilized.

What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: At our booth, we will showcase our advanced smart meters for gas, energy, and water management, all equipped with LoRaWAN technologies and wireless communication capabilities. Experience soft-time data transmission, enhanced connectivity, and live demonstrations of our meters' seamless integration with LoRaWAN. Learn how our solutions enable proactive decision-making, efficient resource management, and contribute to the development of smart cities through reliable, scalable connectivity.
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