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  • Academia / Research Institute (Student / Professor / Researcher)
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  • Digitalisation
  • Energy Efficiency
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RENergetic, an EC-funded project, aims to demonstrate the viability of so-called urban energy islands. Our project pivots around a series of EPICs that we have defined as our scope of study. These epics are implemented in a software solution that aims at helping energy comunities to take decisions on how they want to make use of their energy sources, be them renewable ones or not. The epics are the following:

  • Heat supply opt.
  • Local waste heat optimization.
  • Heat DR.
  • EV DR.
  • Electricity supply optimization.
  • Electricity DR
  • Interactive platform.

From the social science point of view, we are working closely with our pilots helping them to become energy communities, were the inhabitants of the islands have a true decision power in the energy community itself.  

From the business point of view, we have also carried out a series of studies that would call the attention of the public:

  • An european analysis on obstacles to innovation around Energy Islands.
  • Market analysis and description of RENergetic value propositions.

And last but not least, we are currently working on the definition of a Replicability Framework for other energy comunities that would like to replicate our solution.

What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: We will be showcasing the following content: Video information about our project, including short video pills describing the main functionalities we have developed. You can also learn about the pilot sites that are part of our project and how RENergetic is being implemented in each of them. We will also be showing the RENergetic system and showcasing our VR comunication tool, aimed at stakeholders who would like to create an EC.
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