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Stand: 7.3.C25
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MVM EGI, headquartered in Budapest, is a leading force in the dry and hybrid cooling industry, offering a vital solution to the growing water crisis. In a world plagued by water scarcity and drought, the need for sustainable power generation solutions has never been more critical. Traditional power plants, reliant on water-intensive cooling methods, find themselves in direct competition with growing populations, industries, and agriculture for limited water resources. Our dry and hybrid cooling technology has zero environmental impact and frees power plants from water dependence, ensuring economic expansion for regions while providing reliable power generation, even in times of water scarcity.

With over fifty years of engineering expertise on a global scale, we focus on designing, manufacturing, and implementing dry, wet, and hybrid cooling systems. We're pioneers of Circumix technology for eco-friendly ash and wastewater management in coal-fired plants. Our solutions reduce water consumption by 60-100%, making cooling systems both environmentally sustainable and operationally efficient.

Join MVM EGI in shaping a sustainable future where power generation and water conservation coexist seamlessly.

What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: At the event, MVM EGI will showcase the future of power plant cooling systems. Our experts will discuss innovative cooling and power generation solutions, emphasizing our expertise in cutting-edge cooling systems, eco-friendly ash handling technologies, and significant water-saving initiatives. Join us to explore a more efficient and sustainable energy industry.
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