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Stand: 7.2.H60
    Type of Organisation :
  • Technology Supplier (Hardware)
  • Organisation Area of Focus :
  • Grid Infrastructures - Gas
  • Digitalisation
  • Generation

MeteRSit specialises in the development, production, and distribution of the latest generation, electronic, static, remote, and remote-controlled gas meters for gas distribution companies. These products improve the way gas is measured, sold, and used, therefore improving the transparency of relations between utility companies and end customers. Smart electronic meters are indeed a key element of new systems. By improving consumption awareness, they allow end customers to optimise their own energy use and actively participate in the energy market. The gas meters can be managed remotely and directly provide consumption measurements in the m3 standard.

Smart Gas Metering and Water Metering Business Units of SIT

It consists of 2 companies:

  • MeteRSit: development and sales of smart gas meters for residential, commercial, and industrial markets worldwide (for natural gas, gas mixtures, hydrogen), highly innovative in their metering system, which provides exact measurement of gas delivered, already converted to temperature and independent of pressure, improving customer awareness of energy consumption through daily or hourly storage and frequent data communication. MeteRSit has also developed the world's first 100% MID-certified hydrogen meter.
  • Janz: offers a full range of residential, commercial, and industrial water meters, sensors, software, and connectivity, with a focus on developing solutions that help to ensure the availability of natural resources for the future of the next generation. 'Mywater' technology enables the integration of water meters into smart city projects using IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.

A state-of-the-art fixed, bidirectional telemetry solution for businesses and water distributors that enables interaction with tools and information systems for efficient monitoring and management of residential, commercial, and industrial water consumption without the need for human intervention.

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