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Grid Design Solutions

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  • Software Provider
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  • Grid Infrastructures - Electricity

Contributing Expansion and strengthening sustainable energy network infrastructures

Grid  Design Solutions BV (GDS) is a Dutch company, with products and services contributing transition challenges in energy infrastructures, towards a net zero society.

GDS supply and support Transmission- Distributing System Operators and related organizations (consultancy, engineering, contracting and others) with solutions that contribute to a rapid and innovative design of new infrastructure, as well as their implementation, maintenance and monitoring. In addition, GDS solutions contribute reducing primary raw materials and space issues.

GDS works together with companies and organizations that pursue the same goals with matching products and services. Our Norwegian partner REN AS is such a company. In close coorperation GDS market Groft Design. 

Groft Design software makes it easy to plan and design complex cable trenches. Design trench cross-sections directly in the browser and export quantity calculations of back filling. Run advanced simulations of thermal resistivity and magnetic field for trench cross-sections using (FEM) Finite Element Methode and COMSOL technology.

GDS solutions for making energy infrastructures more systainable with!

  • Groft Design
  • Preparedness
  • Power Cable Monitoring
  • Consultancy
What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: Demonstration of planning and designing complex powercable trenches with Groft Design software. Performing advanced simulations of thermal resistance and magnetic field using the Finite Element Method (FEM). Presentation wireless power cable monitoring for heat development of underground powercables and soil moisture. Pitching Grid Design Solutions and REN AS and benefits of Groft Design for DSO, TSO, Engineering and Contracting.
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