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Welcome to Enlit!

Enlit is a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of the energy agenda. A community that for 365-days a year collaborates and innovates to solve the most pressing issues in energy. Join us for the latest news, inspiring stories, insights, marketplace and virtual and live events.


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Enlit Europe will be back in Milan, from 22 to 24 October. Explore your options: 

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The Guide

Bi-weekly round-up of what’s hot and happening in the energy sector. Sign up for The Guide and:

  • enjoy a bi-weekly selection of exclusive articles, podcasts and video interviews;
  • take a deep dive into the latest people, projects and technologies shaping the energy transition;
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Think Tank Report

Enlit's second industry report "Re-energising the Transition" discusses the current stalling of the European energy transition, its threat to Europe’s first-mover advantage, and what the industry needs to do to counter that risk.

Based on insights from industry practitioners given during the exclusive Summit Think Tank at Enlit Europe in Paris, the report includes recommendations to re-ignite Europe’s energy transition, and sustain its first-mover status.

This member-exclusive report can be accessed on Enlit.World:

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Other Enlit features worth checking out on www.enlit.world

EU Projects Zone: Enlit supports the dissemination of Europe’s projects – big and small – across borders and across sectors.
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Enlit on the Road: The Enlit team hits the road to champion innovation and connect extraordinary people across Europe. First stop in 2024 was Portugal - what's next?
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Energy Transitions Podcast: Tune into our bi-weekly podcast series hosted by Pamela Largue where Enlit & Friends talk about all things energy transition-related.
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Enlit Membership: The Enlit Member Community enables you to make meaningful connections with people who share your passion for driving the energy transition forward.
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