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Welcome to the ESMIG Pavilion

This year at Enlit Europe in Paris, we invited all attendees to the ESMIG Pavilion to meet the ESMIG members and discuss the ever-evolving digital and green energy transition in Europe and the important role of smart energy solutions, highlighting the association's work supporting the smart meter roll-out in Europe and the crucial role of interoperability for demand-side flexibility, and advocating for the use of smart meter data.

Demonstrating the critical role of interoperability for energy management, ESMIG members showcased an interoperable infrastructure and the solutions that ESMIG members provide, highlighting how to combine individual solutions from different vendors into one interoperable architecture for metering and demand-side management. 

Enlit Europe 2023 ESMIG Zone

ESMIG is the European association of smart energy solution providers. ESMIG members, ranging from small to multinational companies, develop and manufacture devices, information technologies and provide services for multi-commodity metering, display and management of energy production and consumption. These products and services cover and connect the entire energy value chain, from energy suppliers to distributors, and production at consumer premises in a two-way information highway.

ESMIG members advocate for a regulatory framework that accelerates the introduction of their members' innovative products and services, which are fundamental to the smart energy and water systems of Europe's future.


ESMIG Members exhibiting

ESMIG members at Enlit Europe 2023 included:



During Enlit Europe, the following Hub Session included ESMIG's participation:

Digitalisation Hub - Theatre 2 (Hall 7.3)
    • Session: Cybersecurity/Cyber resilience
    • Session: Cybersecurity/Cyber resilience
    • Session: Cybersecurity/Cyber resilience
    • Session: Cybersecurity/Cyber resilience
    • Session: Cybersecurity/Cyber resilience

Check out the full 2023 programme here:

Summit     Hub Sessions

Do you wish to get in touch with ESMIG, or their members? 

Please contact their members directly, or drop an email to

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