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EU Projects Zone at Enlit Europe

Projects are the first line of defence against Climate Change

The European Commission is committed to accelerating the energy transition and this Projects Zone is a fantastic opportunity to present the results of the projects we are funding.

Vincent Berrutto, Head of Unit, EU Commission - DG Energy

Join The EU Projects Zone In Paris

Enlit Europe offers a live platform where projects can present themselves: at the EU Projects Zone in Paris, projects and their representatives will come together to showcase their work to the energy community.

Are you involved in an EU-funded project? 

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Enlit Europe 2023 EU Projects Zone in Paris

The EU Projects Zone Hub Programme will cover:

  • Digitalisation
  • Citizen Empowerment / Energy Communities
  • Cross-Sector Collaborations / Opportunities
  • Hybrid Storage (including Hydrogen)
  • Power Generation (including RES and Nuclear)
  • Competitiveness
  • Sustainability / Circularity
  • R&I 
  • SET Plan
  • Synergies

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EU Projects Zone Hub at Enlit Europe

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Meet the Projects present in Paris


EU Projects Zone Programme

Supported by the European Commission, the EU Projects Zone hub hosts EU-funded projects that help promote the Energy Transition. The first theatre of the EU Projects Zone Hub focuses mostly on strategy and policy; the second theatre focuses on the technologies and the solutions that will help us achieve the goals of the Green Deal and the third theatre is dedicated to workshops, final events, and our revamped podcast series. 


EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2)
  1. This session focuses on the EU-funded energy projects that are about to complete their journey. Lessons learnt, problems conquered and what we can do better in the future in the focus. Projects partic ...
  2. This session focuses on the newly approved by the EU Commission energy projects, and their plans. Projects participating in the discussion: to be announced.
EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 2 (Hall 7.2)
  1. This session focuses on the nuclear energy scene in Europe, the technologies and more specifically the role of SMRs in the European energy transition. Projects participating in the discussion: to be a ...
  2. USPA, the EU agency for the space programme, will showcase the technologies that were initially developed for space and can now be used for the energy transition. Projects participating in the discuss ...
EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 3 (Hall 7.2)
  1. A series of interviews and discussions with Europe's key energy projects.
  2. Ending this November, project BEYOND will deliver in this session its final findings and lessons learnt. The project offers a big data platform implementation and AI analytics toolkit toward innovativ ...
EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2)
  1. What happens after a project finishes its circle? How to obtain private funding in order to achieve a second opportunity / life.
  2. In this session we focus on the financing of energy communities and the involvement of private investors. Projects participating in the discussion: ACCEPT, DE-RISK, CHRONICLE.
  3. A discussion focusing on the search of best practices for data sharing, in order to develop an efficient, competitive market for a digital energy infrastructure and digital energy services that are bo ...
EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 2 (Hall 7.2)
  1. In this session we focus on HVDC, HVAC, multi-terminal (MT), protections, HVDC breaker, grid inertia, network management, monitoring and control tools, micro-grid, semiconductor devices and power conv ...
  2. In this session, we are focusing on both the transmission and the distribution level and we will discuss P2G, CAES, hydro storage, molten salt storage, batteries, electric vehicles thermal energy stor ...
  3. Decarbonisation demands the deployment of renewable energy generation on a vast scale, and in this session we are going to focus on the technologies that will get us to a carbon neutral future. We wil ...
  4. The EU Commission proposed a comprehensive set of actions to ensure the EU's access to a secure, diversified, affordable and sustainable supply of critical raw materials. This session is focusing on t ...
EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 3 (Hall 7.2)
  1. Ending this November, project frESCO will deliver in this session its final findings and lessons learnt. New business models for innovative energy service bundles for residential consumers. frESCO pro ...
  2. Ending this year, project ebalanceplus will deliver in this session its final findings and lessons learnt. The project aims to increase and predict the available energy flexibility of distribution gri ...
EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 2 (Hall 7.2)
  1. This session demystifies the techs that can help consumers save money and control their energy and data. Focusing on demand response, smart appliances, smart metering and heating/cooling peak load man ...
EU Projects Zone Hub - Theatre 3 (Hall 7.2)
  1. Ending this year, project FEVER will deliver in this session its final findings and lessons learnt. Orchestrating flexibilities to enable the energy transition. FEVER demonstrates and implements solut ...

Enlit Projects Directory

Available 365 days a year, the Enlit Projects Directory is your one-stop hub for projects accelerating the energy transition.

These include Energy Projects of Common Interest (PCIs), the Bridge Initiative and other Horizon projects, and many other European projects supported and funded by the EU Commission and working towards a low-carbon economy. 

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Hear from the Projects, first-hand

"HEART was in Frankfurt for Enlit Europe 2022 from 29/11 to 01/12/2022 along with the NET2GRID team! 3 full days of networking and brand awareness opportunities!"

HEART project


"We are at Enlit Europe! Coordinator and professor Bogdan Marinescu gave a presentation dedicated to POSYTYF project. during the EU projects Hub."



"FARCROSS project participated in one of Europe’s most relevant smart energy fairs, ENLIT in Frankfurt between 29 November and 1 December. At the booth of FARCROSS within the EU projects zone of the exhibition, the consortium partners presented to visitors how the project contributes to the enhancement of the cross-border electricity flows in the South-Eastern European region."

FARCROSS project (press release)


"We are delighted to be part of Enlit Europe and to join established energy players, external disruptors, innovative start-ups and increasingly engaged end-users."



"Streamlined discussions at Enlit Europe - among energy stakeholders. How to cross-collaborate efficiently - innovation community response to #energychallenges ⚡️"

"Enlit Europe - Day one | Great representation of #EU projects in #digitalisation #energytransition: BD4NRG - big data and AI; OneNet Project - European architecture approach; and EIRIE platform - system of system innovation approach"

Natalie Samovich, ResilientGroup, Enercoutim


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