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Sit back and be inspired by the people, stories, projects, innovations and solutions shaping this energy sector. Delivered right to your screen - live or on demand.

Our new AI-based platform will suggest the right content based on your needs and will connect you with the right business solutions and contacts for 365 networking!

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Get Access To:

All-in-one marketplace of solutions from generation to end-use, visible to the entire Enlit Europe Community in the platform
Meaningful digital networking with your peers and business partners, including matchmaking and video tools
Live episodes that deliver the industry stories right to your screen
On demand interviews, podcasts, webinars and more, so you can stay up to date with the latest developments - anytime, anywhere
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Here's what this platform can do for you:



Quick Tutorials

How to use this Networking Platform

Find sessions, speakers, exhibitors and attendees for maximum engagement!

  • Find sessions, add them to your agenda, watch the live or pre-recorded video, ask questions to speakers, check out related sessions and sponsors, network with the sessions attendees
  • Check out which attendees match your interests and send them connection requestes, set up 1-on-1 video calls and have meaningful conversations
  • Find the exhibitors that interest you, explore their products and services and schedule meetings with them
  • Create an engaging experience and access all your favourite sessions, attendees and exhibitors anytime, anywhere

Discover the Attendee Experience

Navigate the Swapcard online world and get the most out of Enlit Europe!

  • Start at the homepage and edit your profile information, so other attendees can find you and connect with you
  • Check out the main features of the application, including the Calendar of upcoming live episodes, watch live streamed episodes, related episodes and companies, submit your questions to speakers and chat with the audience, connect with other people watching the episode at the same time
  • Explore the Enlit Europe community and network with attendees that are the best fit to your profile based on our AI recommendations, chatting with them, scheduling a meeting or a video call
  • Check out the virtual exhibitionand filter the list or search by relevant terms to narrow down the list and find the products and services you’re looking for

How to Network with other Attendees 

Check out our Community Members tab:

  • Connect with attendees based on our AI recommendations
  • Narrow down the list by selecting filters or typing keywords
  • Send them a connection request and set up meetings or video calls
  • Exchange your contact details
  • Save your connections information and export it as an excel file


How to Request Meetings and make Video Calls

Connect with your peers and industry experts:

  • Send them a connection request
  • Set up meetings
  • Schedule 1-on-1 video calls

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Please note it's not recommended to access and use the Swapcard platform on Internet Explorer.