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What Will Initiate! Bring

Initiate! is the essence of Enlit Europe. An interactive co-working space that takes you on an entrepreneurial journey, it is the centre of gravity for all cutting-edge technology, new talent and co-creation.

For start-ups, we have a dedicated space where you can have one-to-one meetings, present your ideas, products and services, and work and relax – with coffee on tap. 

New for this year will be a focus on how venture capital companies can identify a good start-up, as well as match-making opportunities with corporates to discuss portfolio exit strategies. 

The content programme will be more exciting than ever before and is designed to encourage maximum interaction.

Enlit Europe Initiate! Startups
Enlit Europe Initiate! Startups Accelerator

Accelerate 2 Initiate!

We are delighted to once again be staging our highly-successful and exclusive Accelerate 2 Initiate! match-making programme, where selected start-ups get the opportunity to pitch their technology or services to corporates, with the winners working with them and having their innovative solution piloted.

Interested in applying? Click here.

Young Talent Programme

The fostering and nurturing of young talent is a central pillar of Initiate!, whether a young professional at the beginning of their career at a utility, or a final-year student.

Once again, we will be running the exciting Game Changing Impact Challenges in partnership with InnoEnergy.

In addition, we are also creating a more bespoke Young Talent Programme, where students who are approaching graduation and want to work in the industry will get genuine opportunities to network and connect with prospective employers. With a strong focus on further education, the Young Talent Programme is also aimed at young professionals (under-30s) already working for a utility.

Enlit Europe Initiate! Young Talent Programma

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