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What Is The Impact Circle?

The Enlit Impact Circle, the new industry expert group that succeeds the Advisory Committee for European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, is a gathering of around 60 dedicated energy specialists, who met in January for an intense day of creative planning, designed to imagine and map out the exciting Enlit Europe 2020 programme.

The members identified the essential trends, topics, speakers and formats for both the Summit and the Hub Sessions, as well as Initiate!. These experts from utilities, vendors, IPPs, regulators, start-ups and others will offer their advice and input to the event's Content team throughout the year, who will use this inspiration to design the grid and recruit top industry speakers for the 2020 Enlit Europe programme in Milan this October.

Stay tuned to find out what the Enlit Impact Circle has planned.

"Customer is key to deeper change in Europe's Energy Transition"

Maria Francesca Talamo, ANIE Federazione


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