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Nick Davis

Nick Davis

International Partnerships and Advocacy Manager, Drax
United Kingdom

Nick leads Drax Group's international partnerships and advocacy efforts, Nick is dedicated to implementing innovative engagement strategies and fostering relationships with a diverse array of global stakeholders.

Nick's primary focus lies in promoting Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) as a pivotal tool in the collective arsenal against climate change. His responsibilities include collaborating with international business, environmental, philanthropic, and policy organizations to ensure the widespread integration of BECCS as a sustainable solution.

Before joining Drax, Nick demonstrated his commitment to education and inclusivity through a leadership role in a global educational outreach program. His impactful initiatives included spearheading a program at the Royal Aeronautical Society, sponsored by Boeing, which received government support. The program aimed to construct an aircraft simulator tailored for individuals with disabilities, contributing to the advancement of inclusivity in the aerospace industry. 

With a robust background in event and stakeholder management, Nick has consistently navigated diverse environments and effectively conveyed the importance of sustainable solutions on a worldwide scale.

Educationally, Nick holds a bachelor's degree in Geography, underpinning his understanding of the intricate connections between human activity and the environment. Complementing this, he earned a Master's in Aviation & Management from Coventry University, further
solidifying his expertise in the aviation sector.

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