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Landon Tessmer

Landon Tessmer

Vice-President, Business Development, PROENERGY
United States

Landon Tessmer is a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada. Landon is focused on helping developers, utility providers, and independent power producers achieve their renewable energy targets by implementing cost-effective peaking power solutions to maximize grid reliability. Prior to joining PROENERGY, Landon spent 9 years working as a proposal engineer, project manager, sales manager, and technical sales consultant for a heat recovery steam generator manufacturer and emissions control system packager specializing in solutions behind LM6000 gas turbines. Since joining PROENERGY in 2018, Landon has been leading PROENERGY's PowerFLX (turnkey EPC) sales and commercial efforts throughout the inception and growth of WattBridge. Landon's passion to combine the commercial and technical world into clear teaching and guidance of customers towards the right power generation solution fuels his day to day. In the last 13 years, Landon has participated in the scoping and closure of aeroderivative power generating facilities globally including plants in California, Alaska, Michigan, Mexico, offshore (gulf coast) and many other locations.

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