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Habib Nasser

Habib Nasser

Project Lead, VPP4ISLANDS

Dr. Habib NASSER holds a Ph.D. in Mechatronics and Smart systems, where his research focused on Autonomous Machines. His academic background and certifications (e.g. ISO50001) laid the foundation for the commitment to driving innovation in the realm of data science and AI. With a wealth of experience in both academia and industry, he has spearheaded numerous research and commercial projects aimed at delivering patents, disruptive concepts, and solutions. His expertise extends to AI tools development, international projects coordination and synergies elaborations.
Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder at RDIUP specialized in the development of digital technologies, where he leads a dynamic team dedicated to addressing emerging challenges in rapidly changing societies. Looking ahead, Dr. Habib NASSER is committed to pushing the boundaries of AI/Data analytics in Energy, E-Mobility and Healthcare sectors.


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