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Gaia Gallotti

Gaia Gallotti

Research Director and Head of, IDC Energy Insights Europe

Gaia Gallotti is a Research Director, and Head of IDC Energy Insights in Europe. Gaia leads the "IDC Energy Insights: Worldwide Utilities Customer Experience Strategies" advisory service, designed to help utilities and energy retailers servicing customers in competitive and regulated markets at the worldwide level (including electricity, gas, and water). The service provides them guidance to make the right IT investments and meet corporate objectives of reduction of cost to serve, customer experience and engagement, and innovation. Gaia is a recognized independent industry analyst across Europe in the utilities domain. Her areas of expertise include a wide range of industry-specific themes, including Energy Transition, Customer Experience, Digital Customer Engagement, Energy Efficiency, Electrification, Decarbonization, Renewable Energies, Electric Mobility, etc.


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