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Francisco Boshell

Francisco Boshell

Renewable Energy Markets and Standards Analyst, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Francisco is an Analyst in Renewable Energy Technology Markets and Standards at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

During the past 13+ years, Francisco has gained experience, confidence, and credibility as an excellent sustainable energy and climate change specialist, at highly reputed organisations in the private and intergovernmental sector. He has offered strong engineering, management, intergovernmental policy, and diplomatic capabilities within global energy and manufacturing environments. He has accomplished this, in part, by gaining a reputation for high integrity and possessing outstanding analytical and creative thinking competences.

Francisco has a compelling blend of private and intergovernmental sectors experience, which provides a wide range of talents and attributes that have optimised the operations and success of both employers and clients.

His breadth of experience lies within both the private and public sectors where he is well versed in understanding the needs and priorities of for-profit companies, as well as intergovernmental organisations. He also has proven ability to carry out complex technical analyses and translating them into relevant information for decision-makers and investors.

He offers a superb track record for developing and guiding complex technical projects with budgets of up to several hundred thousand USD from concept through close-out, leveraging excellent proposal development, research, analysis, and staff supervision and work inspection skills.

Throughout his career, Francisco has demonstrated the ability to cultivate productive, trustful relationships with diverse stakeholders within international settings.

Areas of Expertise:
Sustainable Energy | Carbon Markets | Management | Research and Analysis | Project Management | Policy Consultant | Business Development

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