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Francesca di Gruttola

Francesca di Gruttola

Mechanical Engineer, ZHENIT
Francesca Di Gruttola is a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in Advanced Energy Conversion systems, Turbomachinery, and CFD simulations on Gas Turbines. She holds a PhD in Energy and Environment from the University of Rome La Sapienza, with a thesis on the Thermo-Catalytic Reforming (TCR) of waste biomass for alternative fuels production, including hydrogen. She gained valuable experience as a Postgraduate Researcher at the Birmingham Centre for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research and the Birmingham Energy Innovation Center, where she conducted experimental activities on TCR of industrial feedstocks. During her academic career, Dr. Di Gruttola collaborated in technical meetings with universities, corporates, research centers, and start-ups, thus bridging the gap between academia and industry. Dr. Di Gruttola's contributions to the decarbonization field are evident in her authorship and co-authorship of more than 10 publications in international papers and as a speaker at renowned conferences. Currently, she has been working as a manager of EU R&D Projects in RINA Consulting where she still continues supporting and coordinating innovative solutions for hydrogen, sustainable fuels and power generation sector.


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