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Emanuele Martinelli

Emanuele Martinelli

Chief Executive Officer, Energia Media

Entrepreneur, specialised in industrial and institutional relationships, journalist.

Promoter for territorial projects, creator of thematic projects dedicated to the innovation of services for public utility, smart city and smart land; expert in communication b2b and b2c

-Founder and CEO of Energia Media

-Creator of the Smart Land Italia project

-Coordinator and Organizer of the Smart Italy Goal of Enea Smart Energy projects

-Promoter and Organizer'of the Water Utility Network, Smart Utility Open Meter, Cyber Security Energy & Utility, Energy Efficiency 4.0, Agrinnovation, Smart City Italia projects

-Partner of the Utilitalia, Confservizi Cispel Lombardia, Federazione Anie, Assoesco associations