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Anna Pinnarelli

Anna Pinnarelli

WG Consumer and Citizen Engagement, BRIDGE Initiative

Since 2022 Anna Pinnarelli is Associate Professor in the Electric Power Systems sector at the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering University of Calabria, Italy. Research activity has been mainly focused on: analysis, modeling, simulation and control of integrated hybrid systems; definition and implementation of management models for aggregate systems within the electricity market; development and implementation of enabling technologies for Smart Grids: Smart Meters, electronic power converters for AC and DC microgrids; implementation and application of models and algorithms for Demand Response in the SmartGrid environment. The research activity is associated with an intense experimentation activity in the laboratory and in the real-life application which has led to the implementation of several laboratory prototypes of DC and AC microgrids installed at the campus of University of Calabria. She is acting as Scientific Leader in several H2020, National and Regional research projects. She also acts as Lead and guest editor for special issues associated with international scientific journals, and she has been plenary speaker or chair in several scientific international conferences and member of scientific committees. She is the author of many scientific papers published in international journals and proceedings of international conferences. She is a co-author of the National industrial patent BI2638M “DISPOSITIVO ELETTRONICO DI CONTROLLO DI UN MOTORE STIRLING DI TIPO FREE-PISTON CON ALTERNATORE LINEARE E RELATIVO METODO DI CONTROLLO”, n° 102016000065916. She is the director of the Master in Sustainable Mobility and Infrastructure Engineering (MIMI Calabria) of the University of Calabria.


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