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First impressions have a lasting impact, make yours count!

Building an interactive presentation with strong content that is clearly comprehensible, will result in an impactful and captivating session. Using PowerPoint as a visual tool to support your verbal narrative, and not as the anchor of the session (unless you are presenting on a technical topic), is encouraged. This is a great opportunity to present and inspire an audience ‘outside of the box’, include anecdotes, stories, or visual material to make your talk stand out.

Key guidelines for your presentation

  • **Include a benchmark ratio of allocated speaking time vs. slides
  • Maximum 15 PowerPoint slides per presentation
  • Use slides as topic transitions in your story; visually show a model/flow/stats - non-scripted deliveries are far more engaging and personal
  • Avoid self-publicity. Product and services marketing is typically poorly received by the audience and is not allowed
  • Your presentation must be created specifically for this event; this is to avoid any repetition from other events
  • **Format specifications – are there any specs that need to be noted (slide dimensions/animations/video etc.)
  • Please note all presentations will be recorded and the audio will be shared with all Summit delegates after the show

Speaking Slot

Each speaker will be allocated a specific time slot, which is discussed with the Content Directors. If you are not sure how long your time slot is, check more information about the programme here or contact us.  Don’t forget to reserve 5 minutes for Q&A before the end of your presentation. 


Since many delegates carefully select the presentations they wish to attend and may switch sessions, please keep the original schedule confirmed by the Content Director. 

Unless there is a scheduled panel discussion/Q&A at the end of the session, please reserve 5 minutes of your time to respond to audience questions.

Presentation Format

All PowerPoint slides should have a ratio of 16:9.

The presentation format should be compatible with Microsoft Office 2010.

Upon Arrival - Speaker HQ in Paris 

Speaker Portal Enlit Europe 2023Once you have collected your badge at the registration desk, continue on to the Speaker HQ (Summit area) where further directions about your presentation will be given.

In the Speaker HQ, you can do your final preparation work, including:

- Access a workstation to upload, review and edit your presentation
- Access a demo lectern (an exact copy of the lectern and its equipment in the Summit Stage / Hub Session Theatres) to practice
- Review an explainer of features, such as timer and laser pointer, which will be on hand
- View all Summit and Hub Session programme details - location and timings
- Help yourself to refreshments

ATTENTION: Report to your session location 20 minutes before your session is due to start (for the morning sessions and for the afternoon sessions) so that you can introduce yourself to the other contributors, receive a briefing on the audiovisual setup and receive advice on any last-minute changes and general housekeeping rules. 

Please note that, for all morning sessions, breakfast will be served and, for all afternoon sessions, lunch will be served. 

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