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Grids Series: Pandemic + Green Recovery = Chance or missed opportunity?

12 Oct 2021

The experts in this webinar will look into the energy transition lessons learned from the pandemic, exploring questions like:

  • Has the pandemic delivered positive change?
  • Will there be a Green Recovery from the pandemic?


Read the article by speaker Darren McCauley: Empowering the global citizen

“A just transition is one in which bottom-up societal forces drive new processes of decision-making.”




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Marianne Laigneau, CEO - Enedis
Yann Fromont, President - T&D Europe
Darren McCauley, Chair in the Management of International Social Challenges Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam - Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences | Department of Public Administration and Sociology
Pierre Tardieu, Chief Policy Officer - Wind Europe