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Green is the new Black | Digitalisation, big data and technology innovation

16 Feb 2022
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As the oil & gas sector continues its strategic pivot to a clean energy future, we focus on the technologies that are helping to accelerate this decarbonisation journey.

We explore how artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and automation can limit the impact of oil leaks, minimise methane emissions and reduce operational risk.

Learn more about:
  • Process optimisation through IoT and data analytics
  • Using AI-enabled platforms to support decision-making, with insights from predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics
  • Reducing manpower with robotics and automation
  • Boosting efficiencies with immersive technologies
  • Optimising R&D and talent management strategies


Confirmed speakers:

  • James McCallum, Founder and Chairman, Proteus

  • Michele Lauriola, Technical Leader – Digital Services, Turbomachinery and Process Solutions, Baker Hughes


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