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  • Watch the interview with Francisco Boshell, Analyst in Renewable Energy Technology Markets and Standards at IRENA.
  • Present and future needs for the European Grid: what role could flexibility take in the future and how to enforce it? 
  • With local and two-way energy production growing, what role does the central power grid have and how sustainable is it? Watch this Grids Series episode to find out about this topic and much more.
  • Watch the interview with Kate Zerrener, US energy expert and Triple Pundit writer.
  • In an exclusive interview, Antoine Jourdain, the COO of France’s largest DSO Enedis, updates us on an ambitious roll out of 35 million smart meters and more!
  • This episode built on real-life practices in asset management to describe the main challenges faced by system operators and how Advanced Analytics, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be l ...
  • This was a very special episode looking into how Energy Communities are engaging with the Grid and what this means for utilities.
  • GRIDS Waves interview with Annelies Delnooz, Senior Researcher and Project Manager at VITO/Energyville, around Energy Communities unlocking energy flows for Utilities as long as they proceed with caut ...
  • This episode discussed topics like: Ownership - is a central grid sustainable?; DER, DRES Supergrid/interconnectors - what do we really need?; Changes in the gas distribution grid design to optimise b ...
  • Listen to a panel of experts discussing these opportunities and the challenges of delivering investable business models in practice.
  • In this interview, Edouard Sauvage explains his strategy for energy system integration, the potential of biomethane and hydrogen and the importance of developing international projects quickly.  
  • This session aimed at giving an outlook on technology solutions for the electrification of harbours and addressed the key actions needed for supporting European ports in decarbonising their activities ...