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Below you will find a wide-selection of topics from the power sector covered across our Season, Series and Episode format. Plus interviews and Podcasts. Tip: use the filters to select your favourite topics and preferred type of content.

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    • Empowered Consumer
  • Learn about the most important or prominent points from the framework for the Energy Communities in EU legislation, the opportunities they present to the EU Citizens, and examples of how the concept o ...
  • This interview addresses Energy and Social behaviors in the current challenging pandemic situation, while the Climate Change menace is still on.
  • Watch this Empowered Consumer Voices interview with Dario Sacchetti, Ötzi my Electricity, a cooperative project delivering 100% renewable electricity that is locally produced to its members.
  • In this episode, our presenters showcased some of the genuinely important renovation projects and novel initiatives to increase energy efficiency and thereby address this question.
  • In this session, our panel explored questions related to Energy Poverty and Energy Affordability, illustrating with examples of novel work and initiatives that seek to help make energy more affordable ...