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  • The BRIDGE process fosters continuous knowledge sharing amongst projects thus allowing them to deliver conclusions and recommendations about the future exploitation of the project results. In this par ...
  • By watching this episode, you will learn how pioneering grid operators have modernised their WAN communications to help transform their grid operations.
  • Learn about the deployment and innovation of G.hn, the Gigabit networking technology based on ITU-T standard and design that the HomeGrid Forum supports.
  • Watch the episode where we discuss the topics where a fast, reliable and safe exchange of Data benefit not only the utilities but the consumers too
  • This episode focused on the innovations that regard smart meters. Topics like the smart metering security, ethics, data management, legal issues and sustainability were discussed.
  • This episode focused on the role of the smart meter within the concept of a smart city and in what ways it facilitates the smart utility. 
  • Nobuo Asahi elaborates on how the ECHONET Consortium can assist Europe with coping with environmental issues, energy problems and aging societies.
  • Use of AI and other technologies within IoT and IIoT infrastructure.
  • This episode focused on ideas on creating and operating a common data platform ensuring data protection and compliance for all stakeholders. How to make data relevant/meaningful. 
  • In this episode, the outcomes of the annual report "The smartEn Map Prosumers 2020" were presented. Speakers analysed the report key takeaways and discussed the main challenges of empowering prosumers ...
  • Frauke Thies, Director General of SmartEn, talks about the new Map Consumers 2020 of the association, demand-side flexibility and the role of the consumers.
  • Thorsten Heller, CEO, Greenbird Integration Technology, discusses how to accelerate the energy revolution as well as the essence of the cognitive utility.