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13 Jul 2021

Initiate Series | Spain: A Vibrant Clean & Green Tech Start-up Hub

Initiate Series | Spain: A Vibrant Clean & Green Tech Start-up Hub

In this episode in our Innovation Nation Series, we turned our attention to Spain, with its vibrant and growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs, angel investors, early-stage incubators and venture capital funds.

Spain is recognised as an important player in the European innovation landscape with Barcelona and Madrid routinely appearing in the Top Ten of European start-up hubs. In more recent times, its third-largest city, Valencia, has also emerged as an attractive destination for start-up founders in terms of access to tech, talent and funding.

However, as seen across Europe last year was challenging for the innovation sector, and Spain was no exception. According to Atomico’s latest edition of its State of European Tech report, the total investment into Spanish start-ups more than halved compared to 2019, falling from €1.2 billion to €525 million.

Thankfully there is genuine optimism in the sector that it’ll rebound over the course of this year [2021] and next, with Spanish entrepreneurs, for example, well-positioned to capitalise on the large emerging Latin American market.

One area that Spain has its sights on global leadership is next-generation cleantech and green energy tech, where there’s a growing number of start-up launches and several unique funding opportunities on offer.

This is not surprising as Spain is one of the world leaders in renewable energy, as a producer and an exporter. And not forgetting its environmental legacy when in 2013 it became the first country in the world to have wind power as its main source of energy.

In this episode, a panel of key stakeholders discussed in detail Spain’s cleantech and green tech sector, sharing their insight and perspectives and exploring such areas as:

  • What are the key pillars that form the foundation of Spain’s innovation ecosystem?
  • How is its regulatory landscape empowering innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • What are the gaps that exist and how do we bridge them to accelerate greater innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • How important a role does cultural setting and mindset play in enabling entrepreneurship?

Moderator: Heather Johnstone, Content Director - Initiate & Enlit Europe


  • Oscar Cantalejo, Investment Analyst - Iberdrola Ventures    

  • Maria Sansigre, Investment Director, KLIMA Energy Transition Fund    

  • Martin Jerch, Head of Department - ICEX Spain Trade and Investment  

  • Austin Wood, Director, Corporate Development - Wallbox Chargers 





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