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08 Oct 2020

Lifecycle Management Series S2 E2: Optimisation of Gas Turbine O&M Strategies

Lifecycle Management Series S2 E2: Optimisation of Gas Turbine O&M Strategies

The energy transition has produced a fast-evolving, low-carbon intensity power market, where operators of gas turbine-based conventional assets need to be constantly creative in how they operate and maintain their assets.

The objectives being to ensure flexibility, high performance, efficiency and economic viability, with the ultimate goal of future-proofing these existing gas turbine assets.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Uniper’s extensive work over the last decade on optimising the life of conventional power stations. Two of the asset cornerstones of this holistic approach will be introduced and illustrated via specific CCGT case studies.

  • Dalia Power Energies’ valuable experience of implementing an outage optimisation strategy, with its partners, at its 912 MW CCGT plant, which is not only the largest private power station in Israel, but has a unique configuration.

  • The utilisation of PSM/Ansaldo Thomassen’s digital tools and combustion technology in co-firing applications with hydrogen, plus introducing a fast ramping project on a large turbine in the Netherlands that previously had been mothballed

Chair: Sasha Savic, CEO & President, SS&A Power Group


  • Marco Papa, Associate Director Energy Services, Uniper
  • Yuval Peleg Wolfin, Chief Engineer, Dalia Power Energies Ltd
  • Jeff Benoit, VP, Strategy & Marketing, PSM (Power Systems Mfg.), Ansaldo Group




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