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Below you will find a wide-selection of topics from the power sector covered across our Season, Series and Episode format. Plus interviews and Podcasts. Tip: use the filters to select your favourite topics and preferred type of content.

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  • Watch the episode where we discuss the topics where a fast, reliable and safe exchange of Data benefit not only the utilities but the consumers too
  • Watch the interview with Siegfried Scholz, President of ESWET, about the role of waste-to-energy in managing society’s unrecyclable waste - and more.
  • With local and two-way energy production growing, what role does the central power grid have and how sustainable is it? Watch this Grids Series episode to find out about this topic and much more.
  • Watch the interview with Kate Zerrener, US energy expert and Triple Pundit writer.
  • Present and future needs for the European Grid: what role could flexibility take in the future and how to enforce it? Watch the discussion on 22 April!
  • With Pritil Gunjan, Associate Director, Guidehouse.
  • This episode focused on the role of the smart meter within the concept of a smart city and in what ways it facilitates the smart utility. 
  • This episode focused on the innovations that regard smart meters. Topics like the smart metering security, ethics, data management, legal issues and sustainability were discussed.
  • In the second Youth Talks, Csinszka Flora Bene chats to Patrycja Koltowska to get her perspective as a young professional on the Polish energy transition.
  • Enlit Europe has been focusing on the role of renewable energy during its first season of 2021, exploring different ways in which green energy is facilitating the energy transition and decarbonising t ...
  • In an exclusive interview, Antoine Jourdain, the COO of France’s largest DSO Enedis, updates us on an ambitious roll out of 35 million smart meters and more!
  • This episode aimed to address what Energy Systems Integration means at the level of energy distribution, in relation to the EU Green Deal goals of climate neutrality and resource-efficiency.