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Our new digital programme format, available from July, gives you access to the energy conversation 365, live or on-demand, from the comfort of your couch or (home) office. Kicking off with Season 1, take in the latest industry content and follow a series or episode of your choice. Check out below which episodes you can already sign up to or watch on demand.

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Enlit Europe Hub Series: New Energy Landscape

Episode 1: Carbon Capture's Role in the Energy Transition

Capturing, storing or utilising CO2 is seen to be a key aspect of the energy transition. If net-zero is to be achieved by 2050, carbon capture will be needed to significantly and quickly reduce emissions from hard-to-abate industrial sectors and power plants. Carbon capture can facilitate the large-scale production of low-emission hydrogen, which is seen as the clean energy vector of the future. In addition, the technologies’ deployment will not only create new clean growth opportunities, but also build new industries, create and retain employment and sustain local economies. However, commercialising CCUS is not without its technical and financial challenges.


Enlit Europe Hub Series New Energy Landscape Episode 1 The Role of Carbon Capture on the Energy Transition

This session will:

  • Explore the possibilities for carbon capture to accelerate decarbonisation and unlock flexibility in the power system
  • Provide an update on European and national support for CCUS
  • Address the advances in technology
  • Reference ongoing projects that are demonstrating the benefits of sector coupling

Date: Monday, 13 July, 2:00 PM CEST

Moderator: Anastasios Perimenis, Acting Secretary-General, CO2 Value Europe


  • Patrick Clerens, Secretary-General, Energy Technologies Europe
  • Jaap Vente, Roadmap Manager Towards a CO2-neutral industry, TNO
  • Rebecca Heaton, Head of Climate Change, Drax

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Past Webinars

Enlit Europe Hub Series: Grids

Episode 1: Innovation, Flexibility and Regulation

This episode is a country approach to grid management and specifically how flexibility became invaluable in different countries in Europe. We will look at the situation in the UK, Spain and France and highlight what are the drivers and means to accelerate setting Flexibility Local Markets.

Key learnings: DSOs, Aggregators, Regulators, Retailers, identifying future development tools in different countries, to learn about business opportunities. 

Moderator: Alicia Carrasco, CEO OlivoENERGY and Co-founder & Executive Director, Entra Coalition

Date: Monday, 6 July, 3:00 PM CEST



  • Alvaro Sanchez Miralles, CEO, Stemy Energy
  • Hubert Dupin, Head of Flexibility Department, Enedis
  • Pedro Basagoiti, Head of Innovation, OMIE, the Spanish Market Operator
  • Randolph Brazier, Head of Innovation & Development, Energy Networks Association
  • Robert Denda, Head of Network Technology and Innovability, Enel Global Infrastructure Networks

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Initiate Hub Series: Clean Hydrogen

Episode 1: Hydrogen's Role in the EU Climate-Neutral 2050 Goal

The EU’s ambition to be an economy with net-zero carbon emissions within the next 30 years will involve a concerted and coordinated effort by all Member States and require the employment of a whole host of tools, mechanisms and enablers. One of those “enablers” being taken extremely seriously is clean hydrogen, with the expectation that it will have a fundamental, if not a central, role in achieving a successful energy transition in Europe.

Our expert panel unpacked on this webinar hydrogen within the context of the EU Climate-Neutral 2050 Goal.

Date: Thursday, 2 July

Enlit Europe Hub Series Episode 1 Clean Hydrogen - Hydrogen's Role in the EU Climate-Neutral 2050 Goal

Key Learnings:

  • How realistic the 2050 timeline in terms of establishing a significant hydrogen economy in Europe is
  • What sectors are showing the most promise for clean hydrogen adoption, not only in the shorter term but also in the long term
  • Which countries, whether in or outside of Europe, are embracing this clean hydrogen revolution, and what are the lessons that can be learnt
  • What the main constraints are and how to overcome them within realistic timeframes
  • What is required in terms of a regulatory framework and strategies to encourage the shift away from hydrogen derived from natural gas (grey) to clean hydrogen (blue, via steam methane reformation or green, renewable energy-based)
  • Why innovation and collaboration is of fundamental importance in realising clean hydrogen’s genuine potential

Moderator: Kelvin Ross, Editor-in-Chief, Power Engineering International


  • James Watson, Secretary-General, EUROGAS
  • John Williams, Senior Principal, AFRY
  • Maria João Duarte, Representative to the EU Institutions, MHPS Europe



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Creating A Digital Ecosystem For The Energy Sector

If there is one thing that this COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated is that creating a self-sustained digital ecosystem for the energy sector seems more relevant and necessary than ever. Resilient performance of the digitalised system is a prerequisite and a must. The promise of the new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IIOT and Virtual Reality, to name a few, can bring Vision 2030 faster while addressing consumer needs.

The webinar discussing these topics was co-organised with the EU Sustainable Energy Week and the Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation.

Date: Monday, 29 June

EU Sustainable Energy Week webinar

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Gas Sector Decarbonisation And Sector Coupling – Ensuring A Market Based Approach

Flexibility available in the gas system can be used to support an electricity system marked by an increasing share of intermittent renewable power production. This element of Sector Coupling can help with decarbonising the economy. In this live virtual discussion, we will discuss the future role of the gas system, analyse the current policy landscape for gas decarbonisation and sector coupling and, above all, discuss how to ensure a market-based approach.

Organised by: ETCSEE - Energy Trading Central & South Eastern Europe

Date: Wednesday, June 10 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CEST



ETCSEE webinar 10 June Gas Sector Decarbonisation And Sector Coupling

European Energy Prices In Times Of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has had an unprecedented impact on global energy demand and on power and gas prices. In this session, we will present a few market outlooks for the European Power and Gas markets. Join this virtual discussion where analysts will discuss the underlying fundamentals of the current wholesale power and gas price formation.

Organised by: ETCSEE - Energy Trading Central & South Eastern Europe

Date: Tuesday, June 9 | 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM CEST




Europe - Utility Crisis Management: COVID-19

The utility industry has been tested in unprecedented ways by COVID-19. Utilities in the power and energy sector have had to rapidly implement coping mechanisms and strategies to protect staff, customers and their bottom line. But that adaptation has not been without its challenges, financial, operational and social.

Access this recorded discussion where we bring you the best insights from utilities in Europe who have dealt with or are dealing with the challenge of keeping services operational in an age of social distancing and isolation.

Organised by:

  • Smart Energy International
  • Power Engineering International
  • Enlit Europe

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