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The most valuable currency in the energy sector today is knowledge. And knowledge only has any worth if it is shared.

Enlit Europe gives you the chance to share your knowledge and learn from others.

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Enlit Europe gives you the chance to share your knowledge and learn from others - read our industry news

Our Latest Industry News

  • Ahead of the virtual keynote debate next week about this question, we get the thoughts of the Uniper director responsible for both operations and sustainability, David Bryson.
  • In this interview, Edouard Sauvage explains his strategy for energy system integration, the potential of biomethane and hydrogen and the importance of developing international projects quickly.
  • Vehicle-to-grid bi-directional kiosks are to be installed across France before being rolled out in the UK, Italy, Belgium and Germany.
  • A combined-cycle gas turbine plant will run partially on hydrogen by late 2021 and go 100 per cent H2 by 2030.
  • The Joint European Disruptive Initiative is launching a green hydrogen challenge in a bid to place Europe at the forefront of breakthrough energy technologies.
  • A surge in well-designed energy policies is needed to put the world on track for a resilient energy system that can meet climate goals, according to the IEA.
  • Energy storage needs to contribute to an up to 500GW flexible power requirement in Europe by 2030 and more beyond, according to a new Eurelectric report
  • Technologies for a meshed high voltage direct current offshore wind transmission grid in Europe are ready for use, but political will and action at all stakeholder levels is needed now.
  • Norwegian chemical company Yara and Danish energy giant Ørsted have joined forces to develop a 100MW wind-powered electrolyser plant for renewable hydrogen production.
  • The first high frequency decentralised energy market has been demonstrated on the Port of Rotterdam’s microgrid.
  • GE has completed a technology upgrade on a 9E gas turbine at a combined heat and power plant in Milazzo, Italy.
  • EDF Renewables has secured a 29% stake with a capital investment in the French remote microgrid developer Ecosun Innovations.


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