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For start-ups and new ventures, we have a dedicated area where you can have one-to-one meetings, present your ideas, products and service solutions, and work and relax – with coffee on tap. Check out the Start-up Community Hub section below for more information.

If you are an Initiate Alumni, we also have an opportunity for you to get involved.

Start-Up Community Hub

Calling all start-ups that are positively impacting the acceleration of the smart energy transition!

Being part of Start-up Community Hub, a dedicated Pod as part of a multi-use space within Initiate that offers a host of opportunities, including:

  • Showcase ideas and solutions to the entire Enlit Community
  • Connect and brainstorm with established industry professionals
  • Access and meet with VCs and representatives of the venture units of utilities

With the combination of having a physical presence in Initiate and matchmaking sessions, this is your way in and up! 

Submitting an application for the 2022 Initiate Innovators Zone will be open soon. If you’d like to express your interest in having a presence at Initiate, please click on the Interested to Apply button below and fill out the form.

Criteria for the Innovators Zone

  • A launched* product or solution – start-up or from a university
  • Software start-ups can be a maximum of 5 years old and hardware start-ups a maximum of 8 years old
  • Focus is on Innovation in all areas of Energy-related Cleantech, including Smart Homes, Meters & Grids, Collective and Decentralised Energy, Smart Generation & Renewables, Clean Hydrogen, Energy Reduction and Usage Awareness, and Circular Economy.

  • Has not exhibited at any previous editions of European Utility Week / POWERGEN Europe or Enlit Europe

*For the purposes of the eligibility, “launched” may mean any of the following things:

  • When a discovery is made / when a scientific paper is published / when a patent is approved
  • When a physical device is made tangible (i.e. a prototype)
  • When the applicable regulatory body approves a product / procedure for use
  • When the product is made commercially available
  • When a project or product is publicly released



Initiate Start-Up Stages

Companies that would qualify for the Initiate Start-Up include those as part of the Validation, Efficiency and Scale Stage. We will not be able to accept applications for those in the Sustain Stage. Please see below definitions of all of these Stages:

Validation Stage:

  • Companies in the validation stage are typically 1-2 years old
  • There is just 1 office
  • < 10 employees
  • 1 product
  • 1-2 clients
  • Not yet generating revenue
  • Early-stage company relative to competitors

Efficiency Stage:

  • Companies in the efficiency stage are typically 3-5 years old
  • There is usually 1 office
  • 11-24 employees
  • 2 products or more
  • 2-9 clients
  • Generating revenue but not yet profitable
  • Small operator relative to competitors

Scale Stage:

  • Companies in the scale stage are typically 6-10 years old
  • There are 1-2 offices
  • 25-99 employees
  • 3 products or more
  • 10-39 clients
  • Breaking even
  • Mid-size operator relative to competitors

Companies that are at the Sustain Stage are not eligible to join the Initiate Directory. The Sustain Stage is defined as below:

  • Companies in the sustain stage are typically 10+ years old
  • There are offices in multiple cities
  • 100-500 employees
  • 4+ products or more
  • 40+ clients
  • Profitable year on year
  • Large operator relative to competitors

Interested to Apply

Submitting an application for the 2022 Initiate Innovators Zone will be open soon. If you’d like to express your interest in having a presence at Initiate, complete this form. As soon as we’re open for applications, we will get in touch with you.

Start-to-Scale Stand

This is open to all innovative start-ups that have either exhibited with us previously or do not wish to go through our normal selection process.

Exhibit your innovative solutions and portfolio companies on the Initiate Stand for greater exposure and greater opportunities.

So, have you exhibited at Initiate before? This is your opportunity to get involved again, as an Alumni.

For further information please contact our team:

Package includes:
  • 6 sqm furnished stand in the Initiate Area (chairs, table and electricity included)
  • Brand recognition in Initiate Area and digitally with our community
  • Automatic enrollment in Accelerate 2 Initiate
  • Logo and company description on the exhibitor section of the website
  • Place for press releases on the website
  • Exhibitor portal access
  • Welcome post on our social media channels and one Talk Community interview