What is Initiate?

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Initiate believes in the ability of humans to deliver clean energy for all through research, invention and innovation, supported by collaboration between all industry stakeholders.

We exist to ensure the entire sector can access emerging tech, new talent and ideas. We work closely with startups, students, corporate executives, public sector innovators, investors and disruptors of all kinds bringing them to the heart of the industry to benefit its future and that of the customers its serves.

Initiate is at the heart of Enlit Europe – live and online, and 365 days a year – because our industry thrives when it embraces disruption!

Initiate Digital Series

Discover and explore the future talent and driving forces behind the state of innovation in the diverse European landscape



Initiate and The Disruption House are joining forces to accelerate the adoption of emerging smart energy tech


Initiate Directory

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Initiate @ Enlit Europe

Present and showcase your ideas, products and service solutions at Enlit Europe 


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Initiate around the Globe

You can find Initiate around the globe, attending and hosting events.

Each meet-up is designed to target the challenges relevant to a specific region or continent with the common goal of moving towards a decarbonised future through next-gen tech, next-gen talent and a next-gen mindset.

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