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Don’t trust our word for it? Find out what our customers say: 

"InitiateTech is a great tool to show we are a credible organisation regardless of our size and age. It proves that we are ready to engage with large multination corporations across public and private sectors". - City

"Sustainability is in Ekkono's DNA, and we're on the lookout for tools that help us – as a young and all-digital company – to validate and help prioritize our ESG efforts. InitiateTech’s ESG awareness assessment and report both quantify our work and give concrete recommendations to move forward with our business." Jon Linden, CEO & Founder, Ekkono Solutions

Initiate and The Disruption House are joining forces to accelerate the adoption of emerging smart energy tech by bringing you: InitiateTech

InitiateTech fast tracks innovation projects by matching buyer needs with supplier capabilities through enterprise readiness assessments and measuring alignment with ESG principles.

We score and measure the ESG abilities and Technical attributes of starts-ups and scale-ups to help match them to the right business partners.

The platform, including the tech database, is scheduled to launch during the Enlit Europe live event, 30 November - 2 December in Milan, and we are currently looking for early adopters and fans! For more information on how the assessments can help you, please get in touch.


Are you a start-up or scale-up?

  • Gain credibility and proof as a credible business partner
  • Track, monitor and spread the word about your progress
  • Stand out and scale across borders (and sectors)

Are you working with or scouting start and scale-ups?

  • Mitigate the risk of your portfolio
  • Apply a uniform method and reporting standard
  • Track and benchmark your portfolio
  • Identify and mitigate the risk in your supply chain and portfolio


Founded in 2014, Initiate offers an unrivaled platform for cutting-edge start-ups and young bright minds, providing opportunities to connect and collaborate with established industry players and investors in the sector.

Distruption House

The Disruption House, founded in 2015, is a specialist benchmarking and data analytics business of innovative high growth technology firms in the financial services industry. They specialise in quantifying and qualifying technology provider risk, enabling buyers to engage faster and with confidence.

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