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From inspirational next generation leaders to deep dives into regional and local innovation and tech eco-systems. Are you making an impact on the European energy sector? Share your story with us and who knows, the stage could be yours next time!

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Innovation Nation Series

Find out what it takes for innovation to thrive as we take a deep dive into the European innovation landscape – one country at a time!

Discover and explore the driving forces behind the state of innovation in the diverse European landscape.

Innovation encompasses more than next-gen technology. The cultural setting and mindset that enables entrepreneurship and co-creation form the foundation. Technology as the enabler, but with a supporting eco-system where tech can thrive because of the people and culture that is allowing the tech to work for them.

In this series, we will look at how innovation can be accelerated in countries or regions.

  • What are the key pillars that form the foundation of the innovation ecosystem?
  • How is the regulatory landscape empowering innovation?
  • What are the gaps to bridge to accelerate and excel?

Youth Talks

Who are the future leaders in energy? Initiate is proud to give a voice to aspiring energy professionals from across Europe.

Partnering with the young professionals’ network ‘European Energy Transition: East Meets West’ and Energy Investment Management, Initiate’s Youth Talks is a fantastic opportunity to hear the perspective of young professionals from across Europe, who are aspiring to be our future energy leaders, on the energy transition.

We started the Youth Talks with an interview with Csinszka Flora Bene, who is an energy policy consultant and manager of the European Energy Transition: East Meets West Network, about her research from a policy perspective on the energy transition in Hungary and Poland.



All subsequent Youth Talks are hosted by Csinszka, and the following are available on-demand:

Over the coming months, we’ll be speaking with more inspiring young energy professionals

Initiate Talks

Initiate On Demand Content

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