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Milan Enlit Europe 2020

  • For the first time, a long-term, 100% green power supply on an industrial scale has been made possible in Germany.
  • A $5.5bn electric vehicle battery manufacturing programme is to be launched in France with the aim of producing one million batteries a year – up to 15% of the European market.
  • Simone Bruckner investigates how to improve energy efficiency in data centres.
  • A consortium comprising Nouryon, Gasunie, and four other partners will receive an €11m European grant towards their proposed green hydrogen project in Delfzijl, the Netherlands.
  • Rolls-Royce has launched a €5m microgrid validation centre in Germany for its MTU product and solution brand.
  • Enel Foundation has unveiled a global partnership extension with Clarion Energy, part of Clarion Events.
  • Read the interview with Francesca Talamo, ANIE Federazione, member of the Enlit Impact Circle.
  • A power station hailed as one of Europe’s most modern and flexible combined heat and power plants is now operational on the site of a former coal-fired plant in northern Germany.
  • British energy company Centrica and German storage firm sonnen have installed a network of 100 domestic batteries to form what they claim is the UK’s most advanced virtual power plant.
  • A lignite-fired power station in Kosovo is undergoing a €76m modernisation project to cut its emissions.
  • Read the interview with Nicolas Piau, from Paris-based asset management company Tilt Capital Partners.

  • GlobalData’s latest theme report, ‘Thematic Research: Virtual Reality in Power’, highlights that virtual reality training could kick off in a big way and bring new value to the power industry.

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