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Milan Enlit Europe 2020

  • The biggest ‘just’ energy transition in Europe is the one that involves countries still reliant on coal, which accounts for a fifth of the electricity production in the EU and employs 230,000 people.
  • A study published today finds that cogeneration is a primary enabler to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe and could save over €8 billion in energy system costs a year by 2050.
  • Read the interview with Dario Sacchetti, Project Manager, Ötzi my Electricity, a cooperative project delivering 100% renewable electricity that is locally produced to its members.
  • Smart energy technologies are enabling new ways to generate, distribute and use electricity, changing how Canadian utilities, communities and companies collaborate towards a low-carbon energy system.
  • Download this report on a 360° analysis of what it takes to ensure fast-tracked deployment of fit for purpose storage solutions.
  • Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General of EDSO, says that evolving energy employees in an increasingly digital world must be an inclusive transition.
  • Europe is on the brink of missing a huge opportunity to put its industry and economy back on their feet by not fully considering energy efficiency investments, argues Hans Korteweg of COGEN Europe.
  • How major European gas companies are putting their weight behind achieving climate neutrality in the post-COVID world. By James Watson, Secretary General, Eurogas.
  • Why power and gas traders have much to offer to further develop Europe’s energy transition.
  • How to square the circle on the EU’s net-zero ambitions. By Kristian Ruby, Secretary-General of Eurelectric.
  • Energy sector insiders outline the next steps to unlock further energy innovation in Europe and beyond.
  • Europe can emerge from the coronavirus pandemic with a significantly clearer pathway to a net-zero future if it takes the right actions now.

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