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04 Sep 2020

We all have a role to play

We all have a role to play

Rogier Kuttschreuter, Utility & Partner Liaison at Enlit Europe, shares his view on partnerships and their role in the energy transition.

The energy sector has become one of the most talked-about industries in the world in recent years.

The climate agenda has seen decarbonisation and sustainability become a boardroom agenda for companies globally, while technological advances have brought electricity to remote communities.

These developments have stimulated the energy debate around innovation, investment, regulation and more.

And in it at the heart of this ever-evolving world that Enlit plays a huge part, by connecting different stakeholders with different interests. We bring together a wide range of stakeholders to find common ground in order to accelerate the transition of the energy sector to a carbon-neutral world.

Enlit works with as many stakeholders as possible because we recognise that they all have a role to play in the energy transition, whether they be representatives from tech giants or start-ups, research institutes, associations, energy companies, consultancies or governments.

They all have a different interest to protect and project – however, by working together in partnerships, they can achieve this with greater and wider impact.

I have asked myself the questions: “Who is leading the energy transition?”; and “What are the drivers behind their objectives?”. Sometimes I wish there was a simple and clear answer to these questions. However, it is the complexity of the questions that make them so interesting and that’s why they are major talking points in the industry. And it is also why partnerships are more important than ever – no single organisation can lead the transition… nor should it.

Among Enlit’s key partners are Europe’s industry associations. They balance representing their members’ interests with liaising directly with national or European governments – who in turn balance their own goals with the agendas of these groups. It is a fascinating world.

Enlit loves to work with these associations: they put challenges and opportunities into perspective while always striving to achieve what they and their members stand for. They represent not only an association, but also the interests of multiple companies that have a role to play in the energy transition.

Recognising this, Enlit strives to foster relationships with as many Brussels-based associations as possible. Many have been providing their insights and have utilised the Enlit platform to play an active role to share their views and attract new members.

We have spent years looking to 2020 as a milestone, with Horizon 2020 as a fundamental EU Research and Innovation programme. Now we are here: that milestone seems to have been reached – and passed – in the blink of an eye (and coronavirus has made it an unexpectedly even more remarkable 12 months).

Now we look to 2050. Yes, it is many years away, yet the lesson we have learned is that we must act now to deliver in 30 years’ time. What happens today echoes in the future and will influence what happens in those three decades.

Progressive and thought-leading organisations are currently pushing as hard as they can to speed up the implementation of their agendas, while doing this in collaboration with mutually-benefiting groups, whether they strive for profits, vision or innovation. Often all three go hand-in-hand.

'Always be Collaborating' should be the new ‘Always be Closing’ mantra for the energy sector. This race is not a sprint – it is a marathon towards 2050 and we must pace ourselves. It is also a relay race, with each member of the team playing a vital role and running an important leg. Together we will win at the finish line!



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