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The importance of interoperability

28 Nov 2023
Digitalisation Hub - Theatre 2 (Hall 7.3)
Session: Interoperability

DERs are vital enablers of the transition to a more sustainable energy system. They have the potential to help consumers lower carbon emissions, cut energy costs and even become independent from the grid.

But in order to maximize their value, they need to be interoperable.  Enabling communication and orchestration between hardware (like other DERs), software (like energy management apps) and the grid itself  will help us build a more flexible, efficient and sustainable energy system.

Today, interoperability is a challenge. DERs aren’t typically built with interoperability in mind: they surface different data points at different speeds to different proprietary apps, making it hard for energy retailers to create consistent customer experiences. 

In this talk, Enode Co-founder and CEO Henrik Langeland will talk through the interoperability challenges facing energy retailers. He’ll also explain how they can leverage APIs to streamline system architecture and ship innovative energy solutions at scale, with real-world examples from Enode customers.

Henrik Langeland, CEO - Enode

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